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Photo Editing

I really haven’t thought about photo editing right now because I really wanted to focus on my crafting. But now it is becoming something that I am really thinking about in the back of my mind. To be honest photo editing is really important for blogs and social media in general because you want your photos to be eye popping and make people feel compelled to check your post or like it. So I am so thankful for looking at different blogs in my feed an stumble upon this post which is linked below. Now I haven’t tried anything yet but I am really excited to get my hands dirty and try the three options that they suggested. Don’t worry sunshines I will keep you posted! 

Good morning friends! Today, I’m going to share my method for editing and creating blog images with you all. If you’ve been reading for some time you’ll notice that every post I write begins with an image that has my post title added to it. I refer to them as “toppers” but I believe the…

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Chasing Waterfalls pt.1

Hello Sunshines,

This post is quite obvious, my adventures of chasing waterfalls. I want to start sharing more content about my home in the hopes to thelp others with their traveling ideas/plans or just to show a bit of view through my perception. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but when things boil down we should all have some type of open mind. Everyone is different and that is what makes us different but we also need to be open in understanding that everyone has their own way and opinion. Just like nature, I love going to waterfalls and beaches because it where I feel the most relaxed and grounded with my roots. I cherish every time that I am able to go, but wishing I could go more.  Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls pt.1

Trying to piece the pieces

Hello sunshines,

I have been writing a bunch of random words lately and hoping to make something coherent out of them, but to no avail. Maybe it is because adulating is taking more time out of me or because it is almost time to visit my bestie on Oahu. Whichever it is I have writers block in some shape or form. But as I type now, I come to realize something that I felt that I should share.  Continue reading Trying to piece the pieces