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This week has been killer. I am talking about just chaos within black holes of chaos. Keeping motivated that the light would guide me to the end was so distant. Thank goodness that it is Friday! Meaning crafting all weekend!

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Our Little Plan

Hello Sunshines,

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter, I apologize in advance that this post is being published Today rather than Monday but things have been a little hectic. Our Easter was quite interesting, we had an amazing buffet breakfast with my family, which consisted of my parents and brother along with my papa, aunt and uncle. It was pretty awesome with the fact that on a normal day I can like never finish my plate meaning that my fiancé has to finish my food. Or his brother has too. The entertainment that they had were amazing in my mind, one of the groups that played had this sway motion as the vocalist sung to the point I started to wiggle with his sway and my mom couldn’t stop laughing. If you don’t know me I will explain a little more. God blesses each of us with unique skills that make us, well us and singing is not my skill although I love singing it isn’t something that I would want to do for a career. I would rather focus on my craftiness of yarn because it really is a post apocalyptic skill. I remind my fiancé that every so often because seriously who is going to knit him a blanket or socks or a sweater if the time came that we had no way of purchasing clothing anymore. The next thing that we did… Well the next thing I did was take a fat nap I mean like the moment we got to the house I laid on the bed and I was out. It was like when the power goes out because of an outage. Yeah, my fiancé was trying to get my attention because we had yet another party to go to. This time it was for his family and he has a lot of them, plus four new family members who were just born. Cuties! It was amazing dinner and I tried to make sure that I was being helpful. I hate being at parties and just being there. I love making rounds and talking with everyone and creating a relationship with each of them because I will be family soon. But also because that is what a party is for creating close knit relationships with people whether related or not. When the party was over we went home and we had some interesting conversations of what we want our future to be like.  Continue reading Our Little Plan

Photo Editing

I really haven’t thought about photo editing right now because I really wanted to focus on my crafting. But now it is becoming something that I am really thinking about in the back of my mind. To be honest photo editing is really important for blogs and social media in general because you want your photos to be eye popping and make people feel compelled to check your post or like it. So I am so thankful for looking at different blogs in my feed an stumble upon this post which is linked below. Now I haven’t tried anything yet but I am really excited to get my hands dirty and try the three options that they suggested. Don’t worry sunshines I will keep you posted! 

Good morning friends! Today, I’m going to share my method for editing and creating blog images with you all. If you’ve been reading for some time you’ll notice that every post I write begins with an image that has my post title added to it. I refer to them as “toppers” but I believe the…

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Packing tips for a weekend trip

So this weekend I will be flying over to Oahu which is about a half hour skip and a hop to visit one of my besties, I am overly excited that I might bounce out of my skin. I can’t begin to explain my excitement other than I am gonna eat me some southern food as my bestie is from the south originally and celebrate her recent engagement to a wonderful man! I am so thankful to have her in my life and have the ability to see her grow through the years. Continue reading Packing tips for a weekend trip

Just some socks, the big reveal!

Hello sunshines,

I hope that you had a wonderful April weekend, as the title of this post suggests, this is the big reveal of my socks. My very first and definitely not my last pair of socks. It was so shocking at how fast it was to knit these suckers up and I am so happy that I was finally able to have a chance to photograph them in such beautiful natural lighting.  Continue reading Just some socks, the big reveal!

Chasing Waterfalls pt.1

Hello Sunshines,

This post is quite obvious, my adventures of chasing waterfalls. I want to start sharing more content about my home in the hopes to thelp others with their traveling ideas/plans or just to show a bit of view through my perception. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but when things boil down we should all have some type of open mind. Everyone is different and that is what makes us different but we also need to be open in understanding that everyone has their own way and opinion. Just like nature, I love going to waterfalls and beaches because it where I feel the most relaxed and grounded with my roots. I cherish every time that I am able to go, but wishing I could go more.  Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls pt.1

Trying to piece the pieces

Hello sunshines,

I have been writing a bunch of random words lately and hoping to make something coherent out of them, but to no avail. Maybe it is because adulating is taking more time out of me or because it is almost time to visit my bestie on Oahu. Whichever it is I have writers block in some shape or form. But as I type now, I come to realize something that I felt that I should share.  Continue reading Trying to piece the pieces