About Little Miss Lili

Hello Sunshines,

As the title predicted this post is about myself. I would like to take a little time and thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read about my journeys. To be honest I decided to create this blog because I wanted an outlet to pour out my adventures, my soul, and my passions out and maybe… Just maybe be able to touch someone’s heart or bring a smile to their day.

My beginning’s, I was born and raised in the most sought after place to live in the United States, Hawaii. The island which I roam is the valley isle called Maui. I currently reside in the country, which is utterly beautiful in such a way that I know Maui will always be my home. No matter how difficult it is to live here-prices here are ridiculous-. I want to travel but I see no where I would rather be than here.

My hobbies are quite interesting, mainly for the sheer mass of hobbies that I have acquired and fell passionately in love with. We can start with reading, I suppose. I have many books in my life that I have read and adorn with such vigor. My all time favorite would definitely be the Maximum ride series by James Patterson. When I first heard about Maximum ride I was a sophomore in high school and the librarian-such a sweet and passionate women- told me to read it. Back then it was a trilogy, but those books changed my perspective of reading. After that I pestered that librarian about other books to read. Soon I was borrowing way over the amount of books that I allowed which was 2 and I was taking home about 12-14 depending on the week and reading each one within the 2 week time period. I know that sounds crazy but it is true. I like feeling like I could be anyone that I wanted be just by reading different things. In my mind I was someone new or I was in a different places that I only hoped of physically seeing. As you can tell this passion had only grown over the years even till now, although I do not read as many as I would like, it is still there and the happiness that I feel wash over me when I read is utterly amazing.

Because of this passion, grew a new hobby, writing. Late 2013 I decided I wanted to write my own book-let me tell you writing a book is hard- I am getting there granted I am doing things as slow as possible because I want it to be perfect I want people to be able to share the same imagination and passion as I. Writing has taught me a lot on how to word things. When to keep things plain and when to flourish with the language. How to draw a picture with just words and how to interpret feelings with ink. I love the feeling that I get when I have people proof read for me because they say I need to keep going because this book will be amazing one day. With them cheering me on I know that I need to continue. Who knows though if I will sell it or not but I will post the first few chapters for anyone who wishes to read them and blog of the progress for those who fell in love like my friends have.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with High blood pressure. On the inside, ladies and gentlemen, I am an 80 year old woman. So I decided to learn to crochet and knit. This passion is continuing to grow every year and my skills for these fiber arts continue to escalate. I have made dolls to sweaters to even blankets and baskets. I love the calming effect that these hobbies bring, it is almost tranquil and yes I never leave home without some yarn, ever. I truly believe that it has helped me calm my mind and my body like yoga would for people, and that it helps me stay in control of my blood pressure. I know that this hobby will be a skill that I can do forever. Even during an apocalypse, yes, knitting and crocheting are an apocalyptic skill. 😀 I mean who is going to make your socks and blankets?

I hope that you have enjoyed my little ramble about me, I would love to hear your thoughts on anything that is posted here. Any questions that you have. I do hope that you have a sunny day and wear a beautiful smile.


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