Our Little Plan

Hello Sunshines,

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter, I apologize in advance that this post is being published Today rather than Monday but things have been a little hectic. Our Easter was quite interesting, we had an amazing buffet breakfast with my family, which consisted of my parents and brother along with my papa, aunt and uncle. It was pretty awesome with the fact that on a normal day I can like never finish my plate meaning that my fiancé has to finish my food. Or his brother has too. The entertainment that they had were amazing in my mind, one of the groups that played had this sway motion as the vocalist sung to the point I started to wiggle with his sway and my mom couldn’t stop laughing. If you don’t know me I will explain a little more. God blesses each of us with unique skills that make us, well us and singing is not my skill although I love singing it isn’t something that I would want to do for a career. I would rather focus on my craftiness of yarn because it really is a post apocalyptic skill. I remind my fiancé that every so often because seriously who is going to knit him a blanket or socks or a sweater if the time came that we had no way of purchasing clothing anymore. The next thing that we did… Well the next thing I did was take a fat nap I mean like the moment we got to the house I laid on the bed and I was out. It was like when the power goes out because of an outage. Yeah, my fiancé was trying to get my attention because we had yet another party to go to. This time it was for his family and he has a lot of them, plus four new family members who were just born. Cuties! It was amazing dinner and I tried to make sure that I was being helpful. I hate being at parties and just being there. I love making rounds and talking with everyone and creating a relationship with each of them because I will be family soon. But also because that is what a party is for creating close knit relationships with people whether related or not. When the party was over we went home and we had some interesting conversations of what we want our future to be like. 

I see that you clicked to read more. Awesome to hear. Honestly if you are thinking about pursuing your dreams you should seriously do them. Mines are quite small in most peoples eyes but for me they are amazing feet for me to travel. My fiancé has a dream that he wants to follow which is to be a WWE Wrestler. I want him to try, there is nothing wrong with trying. Even if you fail, you can’t regret never trying. Well that is how I see it. He still needs more pushing to get this done. So I though maybe my dream would be the start of it. I have been watching a lot of tiny homes and converted bus videos lately on youtube and have gotten inspired. I told myself that I want to do something like that and just this morning it hit me.

In the next few months I am going to be planning on becoming a pattern creator and knit and crochet garment seller on etsy.com. I want to get this started and share the world the ideas rattling in my head. I have noticed that many sellers online sell many accessories and I want to do that too but I want a more broad spectrum so I want to make garments and other assortments of things. Perhaps even kits one day. Once this gets started, and don’t you worry your cutie little heads about it because you will be the first to know, I will pursue my blogging career, I want to do this two things first. I think this is a big feat in my mind as I would be doing something that my family or most families would think is just a hobby but I see the potential and I understand the possibilities so why shouldn’t I give it a go. If I fail I can either stop or keep trying. But at least I won’t leave this world with any regrets.

Once that is set my fiancé and I are going to be focusing on our 101 financial program and if you haven’t heard of them they are quite amazing to be honest. Currently we are taking the slower route of things but we are making faster progress than before we started with them. We want to manage our money better and smarter and what better way then a course that teaches you about this. With this being said there is a big reason as to why we are doing 101 financial.

This reason alone is why we are going to team up with a couple of our friends to create this dream as a reality. With 101 financial behind us and the knowledge with us we are going to save and figure out a way to travel from Alaska to Canada then the rest of the 48 states in a few years for different reasons. All together there are going to be 5 of us doing different things.

We want to also show the process of our adventure and create a youtube series for everyone to watch. Along with converting two buses. With this being said you’re probably laughing and thinking that it won’t happen and to be honest right now it is quite up for grabs at the moment but this is a goal and dream that I am going to push to create into realty. With the conversions of these buses we want to create our own little channels that show different reasons for our travels which I will list below.

My fiancé and the boys: They are going to go exploring. Being born on an island in the middle of the pacific makes it a little difficult to explore forever since there isn’t very much you can explore after a while. But this is going to be a little different, since as long as I have known my fiancé his fascination with Bigfoot has never ceased to amaze. I hope that one day when we do this travel that he would have the honor of meeting the “finding Bigfoot” group. He idolizes them in his own way by wanting to be like them. He turns in to a kid on Halloween trick-or-treating. Along with posting about their adventures of these local boys from an island to the great outdoors of North America.

One of our friends: He loves vapes and mods and creating new things and I was thinking to keep him busy to create a blog or vlog about his adventures with us and find a mod in every state or create one mod from parts in each state. I think that would be cool and the amount of flavored juice he’d find would be endless.

Lastly, is my friend and myself: We are individuals that fell in love with yarn because of mental hindrances. Yarn makes us calm and well for me helps me finish a movie without pissing people off because I can’t sit still or I need to talk, etc.  We want to document the travel cohesively and create a blog/vlog of our adventures to yarnia. I am really interested in how yarn is spun and the process itself and learning new techniques. Because we live on an island going to a yarn shop is actually impossible unless online. So I want to visit at leave one yarn shop in ever state. And maybe find a farm or two that teaches spinning of yarn. With this I will be able to leave the world happy knowing that I created a skill for myself that I can share with the world.

What do you think? I know it might sound pretty far fetched but when you watch videos and read about the difference in the way people are living it is kind of hard not to want to be apart of that. It will take us all a few years but I know that we are going to make this possible. We have already started the process of saving and we are considering the possibilities of ordering certain items as the time nears if we have to wait for them so that we will have everything ready for the renovation of the buses. I am so thankful for my fiancé and our friends because if it wasn’t for them this wouldn’t even be a possibility. If this is something that you want to do honestly go for it, just be open minded you are always going to hit walls and definitely fail but who cares. If it is something you love and are passionate about nothing can stop you except, you.

I hope that this post has touched your heart in some way even though it isn’t a reality yet I will update you every step of the way, whether it be in long posts like this or in little snippets here and there at the end of normal posts. Either way this is an adventure and I have to admit the most excitement I have felt for my life.


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