Packing tips for a weekend trip

So this weekend I will be flying over to Oahu which is about a half hour skip and a hop to visit one of my besties, I am overly excited that I might bounce out of my skin. I can’t begin to explain my excitement other than I am gonna eat me some southern food as my bestie is from the south originally and celebrate her recent engagement to a wonderful man! I am so thankful to have her in my life and have the ability to see her grow through the years.

As for packing times it is only for a weekend but I love being prepared. I was able to fit everything in one small duffel bag and a bag pack. I know what the weather will be like since it isn’t very far from where I am but I do have a few tips for different types of people.

First group:


I know right, if you do not know I vape. I was more of a cowboy killer smoker before but I am trying to find other alternatives. I will one day quite but as for right now, vaping is where I am going.

Back to the topic at hand. I like being punctual, organized and prepared.

Packing a vape carry on is fairly easy.

  1. Depart everything.
    • Take batteries out
    • Take tank of of mod. MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NO JUICE IN THE TANK.
  2. Put pieces in zip lock bags ( I like putting them in different baggies )
  3. Put all your baggies in the same location so that if stopped by TSA they see that all the parts go together.

I did this when I went to South Dakota last last year for a work training. I didn’t have any problems.


Just because this worked for me doesn’t mean that it will for you. I know that each airport is different per location and their laws.

Knitting needles:

I know only ever travel with my circular knitting needs because they are attached and when I knit I am not bother the person(s) while I am on the plane. Could you imagine sitting next to a person with normal straight needles, you could have a bruise with the constant wack of each stitch.

I also make sure that I travel with scissors that have a blade shorter than 4″. I actually have a transformer one that folds in on itself.


I usually keep my work on my needles, but if you want to be extra cautious you can use floss or scrap yarn to hold your work and have your needles separate.

It is also best to keep your project and pieces in a separate bag, like a project bag for the same reason as the vape.


Just because this worked for me doesn’t mean that it will for you. I know that each airport is different per location and their laws.


When I pack for any trip I have this thing where I roll up each garment to consolidate them and have more room. I also like to pack extra large ziplock bags (plastic grocery bags are banned now in Hawaii) so that when clothes get dirty I can keep them separate from my clean ones. (I usually never wash my clothes when I travel, mainly because I am gone for like a week at the most, I think if I was to travel longer I would) I also baggie my chargers in a baggy and put them in the same bag with my clothes.


Stay tuned for my next post because this weekend is going to be yarniful! 😀


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