Sweater Update

Aloha Oi Sunshines,

YAY! Sweater update, I hope you guys are ready for this because it is pretty darn exciting. Well, not really. I haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked on this piece, but I am really happy with the look of it and the challenge that it has for me.

So for a few days I was thinking about how I was going to photograph this since there isn’t much done, currently, I have more than half of the back panel done and it looks pretty darn great compared to what I thought I was going to do. So that is a plus! Go me! Right? Well this time around when I was thinking about swatching the pattern that was a total and colossal disaster, mainly because once again I am using worsted weight yarn from my local department store since that is really all you can find here other than lace weight which would be quite interesting on a sweater of this style. Which makes it more of a trial and error for days. But I got that done and forgot, I know I am horrible at this, I forgot to photograph my gauging process, not because I do things differently than others, but because I obsess more than I think it is necessary, I am a very flowy kind of gal and a lot of my cloths are the same way, so I tried 10 different needles, and frogged that piece countless times. But I finally found the gauge that worked with the patterns and needles that made the piece drape the way that I was imagining it to be.

I know that gauging seems like an extra step but I have to agree with other knitters, gauging is a very important step that should not be ignored. Especially for garments. I mean if you used the same needles and yarn that is suggested your outcome may not be the same as the picture suggests because of many different factors, the way you knit can be one or even the tension that you use. Some people knit tighter and others looser which also changes the gauge, all things considers I think I will make a post on how to accurately gauge a piece, because knowing this has changed my life of knitting forever and I can not stress about doing so. Tedious but so worth it.

Even though the gauging process was a nightmare, I am so happy with the way this sweater is starting to take form. IMG_9655I love that the grey color is shining through a lot bluer than I had expected. Which means for this piece to be very different than most garments that I have knit, granted I only recently started to play with colors for my wardrobe. I was one of those t-shirt and jeans kind of girl nothing fancy and nothing extravagant. But as the years pass and I begin to get more into my knitting I am starting to really think about who I am as a person and how much I have grown and how without realizing it so has my wardrobe. Which is silly when I write it out, but it is true. Things can slowly transition in your life without even realizing it, creeps up on you and before you know it, boom you have transitioned. Looking back on this thought I can tell you right now the color of this sweater is not a color I would have worn before, where as now I am so obsessed with it that when it is finally done, I might not ever take it off.

The needles that I decided to go with are a US 6. It is a bit smaller than the pattern called for but in order to get the correct gauge I had to go down in size for needles because my yarn was up in weight. If that makes any sense. This is the first time I am using shorter straight needles rather than the standard ones that are usually about ten inches if I am not mistaken and normally I dread using metal needles,  but with the way this yarn feels and knits, the metal isn’t a problem this time around, which makes life seem that much smoother.

So as you can see on the lower part of the garment I am using a stockinette ridge stitch which looks harder than it is and it leaves an adorable pattern to the piece, as I progress with this garment I am noticing the beauty in its simplicity. I am not minimalistic in the least though so being attracted to something that is, is making me rethink how I see my life. Maybe I do need to purge some things here and there and make my living situation that more simplistic. Who knows. Do you live minimally? Is it something that makes your life less stressed? I have read articles on how people have less stress when they are less cluttered, and I totally get the concept but how would you be able to do so. I am a memory type of person and I have many things that are symbolic of a specific memory, which I could never part with. But I have read that people do. It is amazing to hear and talk about and it encourages me to be more simplistic, which now that I think about it now is probably what attracted me to this garment. Funny how things work out.

If you had any questions or just wanted to chat, please leave a comment. If you wanted to check out the original post click the link here.

Like always thank you so much for visiting and I hope to see you all soon.

Also, tune in for next weeks post. I am going to Oahu for the weekend to celebrate my best friends engagement!!!!



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