Just some socks, the big reveal!

Hello sunshines,

I hope that you had a wonderful April weekend, as the title of this post suggests, this is the big reveal of my socks. My very first and definitely not my last pair of socks. It was so shocking at how fast it was to knit these suckers up and I am so happy that I was finally able to have a chance to photograph them in such beautiful natural lighting. 

If you haven’t had the chance to read the original post for this and you are curious for the pattern I will link the post below, along with the link to the free pattern, as a side note I am not being sponsored in any shape or form when I am sharing this post or on the original post. But the pattern was very well written and I wanted to share it with all of you because it is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Click on the link for Just Some Socks post and click this link for the pattern your own way socks. I chose to do the top down pattern verses the toe up, because my mind told me that it would be more difficult and I just wanted to be mindless when making them, hence why I lost to the yarn chicken game. Have you ever played it. I temped faith and I failed miserably. But I have to admit these socks look awesome because they don’t match, just like my life my socks are random.

I decided to use worsted weight yarn for this project because that is really the only weight that is available on Maui, I wanted to get the feel for knitting socks before I plunged the deep end and buy sock yarn that is of a higher quality, which is what I technically do for everything, I know that when we visit Haleakala for the sunrise or sunset I am going to buss these suckers out and be so toasty. But because of how dense the socks are I won’t be able to use these for an everyday thing here, plus a rarely wear shoes. Which begs the real question that you are probably thinking, “why the heck did you learn how to make socks if you never use socks to begin with”? Well sunshines, let me tell you…


Knitting socks and the whole learning process of them became something of interest for me when I saw different styles and different designs and how portable of a project it was, with the 2017 year starting I wanted to really challenge myself in knitting to be more well rounded in my skill. To be completely honest, this was a great start for my new goal because the skills needed to create a simple sock is quite unique and difficult. Granted, as you can tell I was able figure it out and work my tinks out of it. This is probably the most prideful piece that I had made to date, because it was something that I wouldn’t have thought to have tried because it would have been something that sits alone in a basket, but it is funny because although I am not an avid sock wearer, I find myself constantly figuring out places to go or things to do to sport my socks around, not sure why I seem to be doing this. But I enjoy the process of doing so. At this point my fiancé thinks I am quite weird, I mean weirder than normal, but he is so supportive and he is continuing to support that.


Life is funny that way, when you have the right people around you and  the motivation to do something, things become magical and opportunities open. Its almost like a calming and amazing adventure.

IMG_9659If you have ever wanted to try knitting, doesn’t have to be socks, anything in general. I seriously urge you to try because I can promise it will help one way or another, if you want to be more self sufficient in life or if you want to have a niffy little skill in your pocket, to even just having something to do after you finish work to calm down and unwind, knitting will be an amazing choice. You don’t have to try it nor do you need to take my advise. But if you do and you are interested, know that you are not alone, more an more people are taking up needles and yarn and more and more people are creating beautiful things and want to hear from you, the possibilities of groups and friends, to things that you can create.

If you enjoyed yourself please leave me a comment on your thoughts or if you just want to chat. All I care about since I created this blog was to share my creations and to create an enviroment to which others can find a sort of sanctuary perhaps or even a wonderful time. Until next time my sunshines, I hope your days are long and your yarn longer.


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