Chasing Waterfalls pt.1

Hello Sunshines,

This post is quite obvious, my adventures of chasing waterfalls. I want to start sharing more content about my home in the hopes to thelp others with their traveling ideas/plans or just to show a bit of view through my perception. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but when things boil down we should all have some type of open mind. Everyone is different and that is what makes us different but we also need to be open in understanding that everyone has their own way and opinion. Just like nature, I love going to waterfalls and beaches because it where I feel the most relaxed and grounded with my roots. I cherish every time that I am able to go, but wishing I could go more. 

In this post I am going to share with you my most cherished moments of life. Where I begin my IMG_9596pondering and understanding my life more. We can all use a little bit of soul searchin
g and for me, water is where I do so. Since I was little I loved being in the water, whether at a pond, stream or beach I have always felt drawn to it ~I know, Moana moment~, anyways growing up I had the meanest tan ever, I am talking about Papolo Status! In a English sense, I basically looked as though I could be African American, now don’t start thinking that I am being racist on you guys, because I am not. My childhood was always at a beach-for the most part- and I was always in the sun and for some reason my body changes so much that if I went to the beach four times in a week I would be as dark as I was when I was a child. I loved that part of me. But now that I am older I have some pretty crazy tan lines. People and friends always tell me how they wished they could tan as nicely as I, but the truth in it isn’t that they wish they could tan like me but not roast in the sun after about 15 minutes into a beach day. So the adaptability of my skin makes me praise God that I do not roast in the sun and turnout a lobster.

The stream that I went to is called Iao Stream, the pronunciations that I hear for Hawaiian words are always so creative. But to simplify it for you, all vowels are sounded as single sounds they are not connected so for Iao you would read if it were written like this I’ao. I know that Hawaiian is complicated in itself but when you hear it spoken or sung gosh Hawaiian’s knew how to  impress it is almost mesmerizing to hear, it is almost like no matter what mood they were in they were singing.

Sorry guys, back to the topic at hand. My fiancé and roomie came with me to this stream and enjoyed soaking around and swimming although it was lower tide than normal the boys were unable to jump of the rocks today. This spot is utterly secret,IMG_9572 something that you either know or you don’t. I know that it sounds a bit harsh but there are many places that if you don’t know someone who knows or you know yourself, you won’t get there.

I have never been to this place before until about last year when a friend of mines showed it to me. I always saw pictures of it and heard people talking about it, For about five to six years I have been dying to find this place, and finally all that praying and trying paid off.



If you have ever wanted to visit my island home of Maui, there are a few things you should keep in the back of you mind.

  1. Your mindset:
    • This is an important thing that we locals need you to understand, many trials and tribulations have happened to the Native Hawaiian people and because of that we are in a sense have very high makamaka -prideful- the same can be said about visitors.
    • When you visit Hawaii or any place that isn’t your home you should treat it as such someone else’s home. Be opened-minded when you talk to people their way of thinking may not be the same way that you think. Golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Learn:
    • When you go places you should always try to learn something, even if it seems insignificant to you. Here, let me explain better, if you were to meet me per say and you wanted to learn how to say Lahaina-city on Maui- and I was teaching you and it took you more than a few hours, for me the fact that you were trying to learn would mean more to me than what you were pronouncing.

Just keep these two in your mind for now I will go more in depth as time goes on. I know I know there is that whole #boycotthawaii thing going on and to be honest that isn’t okay, the reason I write about my home isn’t IMG_9612to make you jealous or to make you think that were better than anyone, I want to share the beauty that I am graced to witness daily, you don’t have to come to visit and you can continue on continuing on, but I want you to not only think single sidedly I wrote a post about the whole debacle. Click here if you are interested in reading a little more. The diversity here is insane, and the culture is so different from anywhere else. If you want to immerse yourself you have to be openminded.

Unlike some I was graced to be born in a beautiful place and to also be born of this race. I may not be a lot but it is enough to make me feel pride with each step I take in life because I am of Hawaiian decent. Which is something that you should feel whatever race that you are. I love being in the water because it makes me feel as though my feet are firmly planted to the ground, things become clearer to me and it feels as though I can see everything as though for the first time. I could wade around for hours and be completely content with the world. I get a lot of anger out when I am in the water the sounds of the waves or the waterfalls crashing makes my thinking calm. The way my body reacts to the currents makes me feel like nothing will hurt me.

Life isn’t about memories, but of experiences. Everything is trial and error, but you should always try even if you think you will fail, if you never try you will never know. IMG_9610

With that being said this will be where I will conclude the post, I hope that you have thought about your trip here or even if it isn’t here how you would approach your next trip anywhere. If you are interested in knowing more, please leave me a comment and we can converse, who knows if we become friends I might slip and let you know what this place is called and maybe even where to find it. I hope that you enjoyed yourself and I cant wait to hear what you guys have in your thoughts. Until next time sunshines.



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