Moss Stitch Diamonds Baby Blanket

Hello friends,

I decided to get my hands a little dirty with knitting. I was always fascinated with knitting, the concept of using two needles to stitch together a piece. It was quite liberating in my opinion.

I was able to catch on quite easily to this pattern because I only needed to comprehend two stitches.

1. Knit Stitch

2. Purl Stitch

The pattern I used was beautifully crafted and I would recommend it for anyone that is beginning their journey into the abyss of knitting. The crafty little artist is Barbara Breiter and you are able to find her pattern on ravelry here.

If you do decided to try this pattern. Show me how it works out for you. Tell me if there are any questions that you have and I will try to help you in the best possible way that I can.

My finished piece came out better than I expected. It was easy to handle and I enjoyed the process. For my personal reason I decided to use one of the only needles that I have which are the Takumi 15 10.00 mm Clover needles. Along with Red Heart super saver yarn in the color baby pink . I also chose to use two strands rather than one to make the blanket a bit chunkier. I wanted to use chunky yarn for the next time I make this blanket but getting my hands on chunky yarn in Hawaii is a bit difficult. So I am hoping to be ordering them soon.

Please let me know what you think. I love knowing there are people out there who are intrigued with knitting and crocheting. Or crafting in general.


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