Little Miss Espeon

Here is the second eeveelution that I was able to finish. It’s Espeon!

I absolutely love the Eeveelution. They were always my favorites, well actually dogs are my favorite pets in the world, so naturally any dog Pokemon are my favorites. when I originally found the Eevee pattern I fell in love. My fiancé well he rolled his eyes a little knowing that my goal would ultimately be to complete the eeveelution, meaning my project I was going to do for him will be put on hold… again.

I know that I am not the only one out there like that. You know. You find a project and your significant other or someone significant in your life asks you to make it for them and you agree to do so. But then while perusing the inter web you locate an amazing project that towers over all the rest making everything else secondary. I love and hate that feeling. But my fiancé being so wonderful and understanding, after a few years of waiting. He now has to wait some more. Maybe I can hustle before the wedding to make his gift that he wants.

On to the process. Because I had many trials and tribulations creating the first Eevee, Espeon came a lot easier in crocheting, I understood more about the felting and how Aphid777 wanted to create little cheeks and a little nose bump, how to sew everything in better and how I liked to stuff the dolls~which by the way takes a lot of filling~. With the cheeks and nose bumps, I am in awe that Aphid777 wanted that aspect, although it is subtle it truly makes all the difference when everything comes together. This on going project to crochet them all has been amazing. To be honest, I do not regret ever learning how to crochet, or knit. Felting makes life so much easier though, if you take your time the designs that are created are amazing, but you need to be careful. Still stab myself a few times a project, my own fault though I get so excited.

I made the gem a bit larger than I would have wanted but, hey, it is trial and error. Again this pattern was created by aphid777 from deviantart, where you can find the pattern These are awesome patterns that are beautifully crafted and I would recommend you try them if you are thinking about crocheting Amigurumi. I hope you enjoy a bit of cuteness to your day. 😀 I loved how it came out either way.


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