Ignorance or opinion

Hello Sunshines,

Please forgive me for this post, it isn’t a subject that I am truly interested in nor completely on any side for but if you are not into the whole political things of life please stop where you are. I am not here to offend nor am I hear to hurt someones feelings, but for me I feel that this needs to be addressed. If you are willing to read more, please keep an open mind, things might get a little bumpy. 

I am a born and raise Maui girl. I am also part Hawaiian. There are things in the world that I choose to stay ignorant to mainly because I would rather see the good in things then being constantly drowned in pain an sorrow. I know I am one of those hopeful people. But being of Hawaiian descent and being raised in Hawaii, I am also prideful (high makamaka). I understand that in Hawaii majority of our cash flow comes from the tourism world, but if you are going to Hawaii to visit. Please understand a few things, I have had countless questions like these and to be honest it makes me sad that most do not know the answer of these things when we are from the same country. Below I am going to list some of these questions that I have been asked will working in retail and just living my life.

This “Boycott Hawaii” business is a little ignorant in my opinion.

I am not prejudice nor racist and I am not saying that Hawaiian or local people or the higher race. I am here now to explain things that should be known and that we are all people and deserve the same respect that you do.

What a beautiful country you live in?

First of all, Hawaii is the fiftieth state of the United States of America. We are not our own country but our state was taken illegally. If you would like to read more into the overthrow of Hawaii click here. The overthrow was something that we learned all through our school years along with other American history. With that being said, when I would be asked about how our country is beautiful I become confused because I learned these things about this country in school, why didn’t they?

I was so surprised that I didn’t need a passport?

Again, we are the fiftieth state of the United States of America. Of course you wouldn’t need a passport if you are traveling within the country. I want to level with them, that yes, a passport is a type of identification but it is not necessary to use to go to Hawaii if you are coming from other states in America.

Wow, your English is wonderful!

Yes, my English is great. It is the language taught to me throughout my entire life. It is the main language spoken in Hawaii…Hawaiian as a language is a dying but very beatuful language. Many people can speak Hawaiian-English which is called “Pidgin”. Which from time to time I speak depending on the senecio and tone of the conversation. If you would like to read more into the Pidgin language you are welcome to here.

There are honestly, more questions that I have been asked but these three are the ones that hit me a bit harder. Because it saddens me to know that Hawaiian history isn’t being taught in other states the way it is here. I want people to know these things before visiting or moving or believing things in this situation and all others.

When you come to a different unfamiliar place, I plead that you should go there with an open mind and respect the culture and ethics. I choose to be open minded because I do not know everything and when I go to other places whether it be in the US or other countries I keep that open minded mentality so that I can soak all the information all the cultural differences to truly have a life changing experience.

The reason for me to vent the way that I am currently is because earlier today my phone was being over blown with articles from yesterdays travel ban being enforced and our federal judge with another attempt to block this ban. I understand that people are furious and that is your right as an individual. But a few of the tweets that were posted made me upset.

I want to thank you for reading my little vent. I am not saying that what I wrote is correct and is the only thing you should believe in but I want you to have this knowledge in your artillery before snapping to the front lines of things. We know about attacks on American soil, I am also of Japanese decent, when Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941, there were family member in my tree who went to internment camps. They suffered and they struggled through it all, I am blessed for my families strength and history. I wear it proudly, but I also remind myself that it defines me as a person but it isn’t want makes me me. Being opened minded and respectful to anyone near me is what makes me the person I am. There is no reason to hold on to the hate and pain, it creates a void in you that destroys, if you are upset about this post that is your opinion and I truly do appreciate you believing what you do. But I ask in return to respect mine.

There are many posts out there now about this situation of boycotting Hawaii and that is completely fine in my opinion, but you should research about Hawaii before you boycott us.

We are people of the land, it would be difficult if our tourism was effected but that doesn’t me we cannot return to our roots again.

I would love to hear your opinions whether good or not. But I urge you to be respectful.  If you have read to this point I respect your open-mindedness. Thank you for reading. I promise my next post will not be this intense.


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