Have you heard of WAK?

Have you ever heard of this amazing website store called, we are knitters? They are so friggin’ amazing, literally a real game changer for my knitting obsession. I first heard about we are knitters on Instagram sponsored post. You know what I am talking about right? Where you are scrolling through your feed innocently and happen to stumble upon a post from someone you don’t know or haven’t heard of but you look at the slide and comments and become intrigued in it.

Sponsored posts on Instagram are seriously going to make me broke. There are a few sites that I want to order from, but that is for another post. But from We are knitters the beautiful Pacific sweater stole my little island girl heart. It was so open and beautifully designed especially for some serious beach weather. Which in Hawaii it is always beach weather right? Well when it isn’t raining or your not at work. There is much envy in my heart now because I finally completed my pacific sweater and I can not go to the beach do to the storm we are having and the fact that I am at work. Don’t get me wrong I love my job but I haven’t had a good beach day in months. My body needs some vitamin sea right about now.

I was telling my fiancé about we are knitters and how I needed to get my hands on a kit. The fact that you had the option of ordering a kit or everything separately for your own patterns is an awesome feature. But because this was my first time on their site and I wanted to try something different, I had to get the Pacific sweater. Mainly because of the design, like for real, just look at the beaut.

Picture credit to weareknitters.com

When I was discussing with my fiancé about getting a kit, he requested to see what I was talking about and how much it would be to do it. Finances are tough for us, but I mean it is for everyone anywhere. So while showing the site to him, his response shall forever be engraved in my mind, “wait? you have to pay how much for a sweater, and that sweater isn’t even f***ing made”? He is right though for those of you who have not tried knitting and understand the obsession that takes over a knitters soul buying a $70+ knit sounds insane. Most of us won’t spend that kind of money on a normal garment. But once you are stitched into knitting and feeling of completing a project, gosh, it is amazing, you will totally understand why getting a kit and making it seems more worth it than something already made at that price.

I was able to get my fiancé to agree to getting a kit, which was amazeballs! The wait though was almost unbearable…. ~sidenote: ordering anything online and waiting for your package is unbearable but to do so and live in Hawaii… that is just torture. Everything takes longer and 2nd day shipping well in Hawaii that doesn’t actually exist…~ I received my Pacific sweater just before Christmas which was perfect! I had just finished a few projects that I was taking care of and I was free to dive into this sweater.

Picture credit to weareknitters.com

Like the photo represents above, I ordered the kit and indulged in getting the needles. Quality needles in Hawaii well that is a nope. The needles are made of birchwood which felt smoother than the bamboo needles that I had and the tips took the yarn way smoother in the sense that little filaments didn’t snag on the needle as I would make a stitch, which for some reason happens on my bamboo needles from time to time. The bag itself was a thicker quality that thought it would be and like the bag said totally worth to be used as my project bag. I chose to use the color mint for my sweater. I had a basic idea of how the color would look but I have to admit The Cotton Wool is an amazing yarn, to work with and feel. It is such a luxurious yarn and the weight of it is so light. Especially with the fact that you work with to strands through the project. A lot of cotton yarns that I have worked with in the past felt a lot more dense and heavy to work with, so the cotton wool was just my kind of cotton yarn.

The moment I received that box in the mail I ripped that sucker to shreds trying to get to my goal.  Because I received my box right before Christmas, I was in a sea of unwrapped gifts and stray wrapping papers. I needed to be responsible and finish wrapping the gifts we were to drop of before I could start my project, yes, I may have rushed on wrapping peoples gifts but can you blame me. This kit is amazing. So amazing that I had no regrets with rushing.

The entire project was an absolute blessing not once did I have any regrets. If you are interested in indulging in some quality kits at whatever level that you are-they post the levels on the projects- please definitely do so. I have a bee blanket in the making and I want to share that amazing project with all of you also.

I will be posting some of the finished project photos in the next coming days. Also, I am not sponsored in any way with We Are Knitters. Just a lover for their amazing everything.

I would also like to take the moment to thank you or checking out my blog. Comment me below and let me know if you have tried this pattern and how it turned out or if you have any questions about knitting it up yourself. I would love to hear from each and every one of you.


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