Just Some Socks

Hello there Sunshines,

Recently, I decided that I needed to learn how to knit socks. I really don’t know where the fascination of knitting my own socks came from but, here we are right, learning to knit socks. To be honest though, I really shouldn’t be making socks since the last few years my mom has been gifting me packs of socks for the last, like four years. (I know that is a lot of socks) I still have a few packs that haven’t even been opened and used. Yet, I am learning none the less. I got my pattern from Knitpicks.com titled “go your own way socks” which holds two patterns, one for Top down and the other for toe up, this pattern is completely free to download and is really easy to follow. If you somehow get lost just find their youtube video for a knit a long. Which I have been doing periodically honestly.


(Picture taken from Knit Picks)

I love the way that they wrote the pattern mainly because I am normally quite at a loss when it comes to reading patterns but one of my resolutions this year was to become more adequate with reading patterns. Which is a little tough but knit along videos honestly helps a lot, which I am grateful for.

By no means are socks the best thing for beginners to learn first. I started off learning how to knit a scarf. Granted it is very rare for me to ever wear it because I live in Hawaii… It is way to hot for that life. But knitting a basic scarf is the best way to really understand the difference between a knit stitch and a purl stitch~lets be real for a second, who else sucked at figuring the differences as I have~. I think I will write up a pattern on a scarf that I made that really helped me understand knit and purl stitches and also helped me figure out how I like to hold my yarn, which is the moss stitch. I love and hate the moss stitch. But it comes out looking so adorable. Even though I dislike and like this stitch I might be crazy and make a whole bunch of rugs for my home soon. Mainly because of how cute the stitch looks when completed. ~If you don’t know what moss stitch is I will have a post specifically explaining what it is, along with the different stitches needed to make your first scarf.~

Currently, I have been able to finish my first sock which fits wonderfully, because of where I live finding quality yarn or yarn at all is quite difficult so I am learning with worsted weight acrylic yarn from Red Heart which makes the socks thicker than I would like. But right now being that I am just testing how the pattern works I am alright with these socks, plus who know maybe I will go somewhere cold soon for a vacation or something, I won’t be complaining about my feet being cold, right? With that being said, once I practice a few times with worsted weight yarn and the pattern I want to move on and order some nice sock yarns, if you have any suggestions on sites to purchase from that would be greatly appreciated. I also have to admit, socks are really wonderful for travel. Granted I am on an island so I don’t really have the problem about traveling with my projects, but I now understand why socks are one of the best projects to take on the plane.

This experience has taught me a lot throughout. Learning the heel and gussets was my biggest challenge, but totally worth the 10,000 frogging situations. My poor fiancé, sitting next to me getting angry watching me frog is so priceless. He always tells me “you do all that work for what? To just pull it apart, how are you so calm about it”? Granted I am always giggling away when he does because it is alright with me to frog. Means I can knit again. Do you ever get frustrated when you have to frog a project? I take it as another way of relaxing. I like the muffled popping sound that the yarn makes when it pops out from the stitches. Another thing that I have started to really get into is working with DPNS or double pointed needles, this aspect to me is so fascinating because it makes you work on smaller projects with more ease but looks so complicated to those who do not know how to knit. Secretly, it makes me feel like a witch or something, practicing magic and no mortal will ever be able to accomplish. 😀 Which I know isn’t true but level with me for a moment.

For the next pair, I want to make a nice moss stitch cuffs of my socks. But I need to finish the last sock I am on so that I can have a pair. What I think is so funny about my first pair of socks is how mento I am… I played the glorified yarn chicken game and utterly lost, so now I am going to have one blue sock and one grey sock, haha. Thats okay though. Most of the time my socks never match. So the glorified yarn chicken game is quite simple, usually happens when you are working on a project that you are about to finish and realize you may not have enough yarn to finish the project. But you decide to be optimistic and push forward praying to the yarn Gods to leave enough to finish your almost completed project. To only be crushed to know that your optimism in your yarn was short coming and you either get another skein, or you end up like me, ripping through your yarn stash hoping to still have another skein of the same yarn to only be disappointed and have to settle with a different color. Although when you finish things after the yarn chicken you will still always be happy. I am a quirky gal and I like seeing the odd rather than the refined. So if I only knitted socks that never matched that would be my glory.


(Picture taken from Knit Picks)

 If you are debating on knitting your own pair of socks, I would seriously suggest trying out Knit Picks Go your own way socks.  Which there will be a link to the patter below.


I will also be adding the photos of my first pair as soon as I can, sunshines.

If you do decide making a pair I would love to hear from you about your experience or if you have any questions, please ask them and I will reply as soon as I can, that is a promise.


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