Little Miss Eevee



I decided that I wanted to crochet amazing things that would make my home that much more enjoyable. Then I came a cross this pattern by the amazing aphid777 on deviantart. You can find the pattern here… I had some hardship with this pattern but I am hoping that with time it will become easier. The reasons for my hardships were quite simple at that.

Learning to crochet in the rounds came quite easy for me  since I had crochet beanies  quite a bit, but the  thing that baffled me was knowing how much stuffing to use. I had to  keep a stuffed animal close by so that I could squeeze it and hope and pray that I was mimicking it will. The next skill I needed to learn and battle was felting. Eevee’s eyes and her nose was all felted. If you haven’t heard about felting that is alright up until I decided to crochet Eevee, neither had I. Basically, you have a pronged item that has serrated  needles attached to it and you  stab felting which is unwound yarn together. It is a lot easier to work with than I expected which made the experience that much more enjoyable. But beware of the serrated edges. Please go slowly when felting in the features, I can not express that enough. I am one to go with haste on things because I get into a zone of sorts and continue and continue and not realize how quickly I have begun to go, when pop I stabbed my poor finger, so innocent, shouldn’t have been wounded in such a battle. Trust me your fingers will thank you for working slowly and focusing on a single area at a time. Another thing that I learned was this pattern isn’t always clear to read and I had to intervene and make things up when I didn’t understand what was being stated and hoping it will work out in the end. Which I am thanking the yarn Gods that it did.

But through all the learning and hardships the experience put more knowledge that I can use for other projects, dolls , or future patterns that I want to start doing. There is no point in making things that I can not share with the world. That would be too selfish and God did not create me to be selfish. I have gifted a few different Eeveelution’s over the past year and I am so happy to see those who requested them and enjoyed them.  I am hoping to have the entire Eeveelution one day.

Do you like Pokemon?

I friggin love Pokemon, it is the most amazing thing in the world to me. Makes me feel like I am eight all over again. Something that my brother and I are passionate about together. My mom always got freaked out because my brother and I were always close. Not because he is younger, or he is challenged but because we share a similar thought process. We love helping and making others smile. So when we found  Pokemon we found something that made both of us smile equally.

If you do like Pokemon, do you have a favorite Pokemon?

I would love to hear all of your experiences and who knows you might just see Eevee poking around in other posts.


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