Chapter One

This is the first chapter of my book and it is still in its drafting stage. I have posted this chapter because I want to hear what people think thus far and read about your thoughts. If there are things that I should change or ideas on how to improve. Currently, I do not have a title but I believe once the book is completed I would have a million and one ideas for a title. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. 

~~ No one is ever lost. Only confused. Our minds create a safety that our eyes can comprehend as understandable. But not everyone can see truth. ~~

“Stop, please don’t leave”

That was the last thing I had said to her. Now she is gone from me. Along with everything that I have ever known. But why can’t I remember her name. Someone who was so significant in my life and I do not know her by name. Why would she have left me. I wake every night from this reoccurring dream, which by now is a fucking nightmare. I was never able to remember her name or if it was real. If it were real how would the last words that I was able to muster to her be, “stop, please don’t leave”. For in this dream I was but a wee babe. Why was she crying, who was she to me? She couldn’t possibly know, know that I would become someone so powerful… Nor could she have known that I would have been so alone. But here as I lay on my deathbed, while I await the inevitable… Drowning from dark thick liquid, with a taste of metal lingering in my mouth, pain turning to a numbing sting. I start to cry because my life is ending with questions that I have no answers to. My name is Jeremy Stone, a boy with a simple mundane life and this is my story.

My story began long ago, with blurred visions, bits and pieces, strung together by my childish imaginations. I always thought that they were just dreams, to be heir to a throne. Mother adorn in gold, it reminded me of wealth and curiously nothing of any land I have ever seen. It didn’t even feel as though I was on Earth. Everything here seemed nothing of Earth. There were gold flecks melted on to the silks, that draped high from the ceiling, cascading on to the floor. Its movements were almost mesmerizing, like a silent dance, organic in nature, swift like wind, calm like water. The throne room was stunning, always adorn with gold and rustic colors everywhere. Creatures, human an alike gathered together. As though to admire the craftsmanship and elegance. But on this day, someone had come to pass, which created a loom almost like a fog of despair. He was important, as to how I cannot answer. There was no dry eye, no words spoken loud enough to hear, except to those whom were near. Till this day I cannot remember much more than that, other than the women whom I think is my mother in this illusion, who holds me with her immense grace, face streaked with tears pouring down her porcelain face, fire hair trapped upon her skin where liquid fell. She whispered in my ear.

“father is gone, it’s just you and me now child…. You will be crowned soon. Remember your father”.


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